Are epoxy tables food safe?

Are epoxy tables food safe?

In recent years, epoxy resin tables have become increasingly popular because they not only look stylish, but are also sturdy, durable, easy to clean, and able to fit perfectly into a variety of home styles. The charm of epoxy resin tables lies in their unlimited room for creativity by incorporating various pigments, wood, stone, and other elements into the resin, making each table a unique work of art. However, as the number of users increases, many consumers begin to worry about whether this beautiful and practical table is suitable as a dining table to touch food.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a synthetic polymer material that is widely used because of its high strength, excellent adhesion, and chemical resistance when fully solidified. Because of its ability to be molded into a variety of shapes and colors, epoxy resin is also becoming more common in furniture manufacturing, especially epoxy resin wood tables that are bonded to wood, which fills in the wood's imperfections and makes the table hard and durable.

When is epoxy harmful?

  1. Not fully cured: epoxy resin, in the case of incomplete curing of the chemicals inside, may run out; contact with the skin or inhalation can cause allergies or other health problems. If dining on incompletely cured epoxy resin, these substances may migrate into food, especially at high temperatures or in acidic environments. Therefore, when choosing epoxy furniture, make sure the table is fully cured. Be careful not to place hot pots and pans directly on the epoxy resin table, and promptly clean up spilled acidic beverages on the table.
  1. Low-quality epoxy resin: low-quality epoxy resin may contain harmful additives; these additives in the process may release toxic substances.
  1. Improper processing and handling: In the process of manufacturing and use, if not by standard safety procedures, may lead to the release of harmful substances from the epoxy resin.

When is epoxy safe?

High-quality epoxy resins are stable and non-toxic when properly mixed and cured. Generally, as long as the epoxy resin is fully reacting during the curing process and no unreacted chemicals remain, it is safe and will not release harmful substances. This non-hazardous epoxy resin can be safely used to make a variety of furniture, including food-contact table tops.

Are epoxy tables food safe?

How can I be sure that my food contact epoxy table is safe?

  1. Choose tables made by regular manufacturers to ensure that they use safety-certified epoxy resin and have been fully cured.
  1. Avoid placing the table in direct sunlight or at a high temperature to avoid accelerating the decomposition of the epoxy resin.
  1. the use of table mats and coasters to avoid scalding the epoxy resin table, but also to reduce food and epoxy resin contact.
  1. Don't cut food directly on the epoxy resin tabletop to avoid scratches on the tabletop.

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