How Our Epoxy Table are Made

  1. Select wood type and wood shape according to design and customization needs.
  2. Confirm suitable wood and wood color.
  3. Treat the selected wood: Clean the wood of excess impurities and trim or cut as needed. During this period we will blacken the edges of the wood to achieve a better effect.
  4. Next, paint or resin the blackened surface. Applying resin can effectively isolate bacteria and dust, and reduce the generation of air bubbles in subsequent steps.
  5. Develop the edge model of the table according to the project plan.
  6. Prepare the resin (epoxy resin) color that the customer wants. After stirring, use a vacuum machine to force the small bubbles out of the resin. This process takes about 30-60 minutes.
    Kazana Custom Epoxy Table Modified resin
  7. Pour the resin: The resin is poured in layers. Each single layer takes about 2 days to solidify, and the last layer takes a little longer. Generally speaking, the resin will be poured in 3-5 layers, and the number of layers will be adjusted according to the thickness requirements. The wave style epoxy resin table will have more layers. During this period, bubbles that appear will be treated with a gun, and a layer of oil will be applied for protection before each layer of resin is poured. This is one of the important steps to ensure the quality of our products.


  1. Wait for the last layer of resin to solidify before demoulding.
  2. After demoulding, smooth away the excess wood and resin.
  3. Polish and sand repeatedly, using sanding tools of different roughness to finely polish. During this period, paint was applied repeatedly and some holes were repaired.
  4. The final process is surface painting in the dust-free workshop. Check product quality.
  5. Finally, congratulations! A piece of your own custom work of art is born!

We will flexibly adjust the small details of the production process according to your customized needs, respect the needs of our customers, and create dream furniture is our mission! KAZANAHOME has a professional design and manufacturing team. We're excited and look forward to hearing anything you have to share or your points of interest. Please feel free to tell us about the problems you encounter and we will be happy to serve you and help you develop the best solution.


Why Choose Us?

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  2. Customization Advantage: We provide a one-stop customization service, bringing your imagination to life. Personalized CAD drawing design services enable you to feel the creativity and quality in the design and production of the product, ensuring that you receive not only a product but also a unique customization experience.

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  4. Packaging and Shipping: We approach every order with meticulous attention, ensuring that each product is rigorously packaged to provide optimal protection during transportation. Additionally, in terms of shipping, we collaborate with reliable logistics partners to ensure that your products are delivered quickly and safely.