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Explore the perfect option for an 8-seat table

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Overall, a dining table that can seat eight people is chosen to accommodate a variety of social, family, and business situations, providing enough space to promote interaction, collaboration, and communication. This design takes into account practical needs at home and work, creating a more comfortable and flexible dining and working environment for people.


Choosing a dining table that can seat 8 people is usually based on a variety of practical considerations and practical needs. Here are some common reasons


Family dinner needs:

Families usually include parents and children, and sometimes relatives or friends may also participate. Choosing a dining table that can seat 8 people can ensure enough seats to accommodate family members and guests, create a warm dining environment, and promote close relationships among family members.

Gathering of friends:

At a gathering of friends or a social event, the number of people is usually larger. A dining table that seats 8 provides enough space to make gatherings more comfortable and convenient. This type of table can accommodate larger party groups, encouraging more people to participate and have a good time.

Office and business use:

In an office or business setting, a conference table that can seat 8 people can accommodate large teams for discussion and collaboration. This is important for holding meetings, training or teamwork, providing employees with ample space to facilitate information sharing and collective decision-making.

Multifunctional use:

8-seat dining tables are also often used in multifunctional situations, such as home study areas, craft or game areas. The design of this table makes it suitable for a variety of activities, providing families with more flexibility.

Room space considerations:

For many families, room space is an important consideration. A table suitable for eight people can usually fit into a medium-sized dining area, providing enough seating without making the entire space look crowded.


Space requirements per person


Dining space:

Typically, a minimum width of 24 inches per person is required to ensure adequate space while dining. For a dining table for 8 people, it is generally recommended that the width of the table be at least 36 inches and the length be 72 inches.

Office space:

In an office environment, each person's workspace needs depend on the nature of the work. Generally speaking, the width of a desk is usually between 60 and 72 inches to accommodate a computer, files, and other necessary work items.

Study space:

When it comes to study desks, the space requirements for each person will vary based on age and learning needs. Children's study desks generally range in width from 36 to 48 inches, ensuring adequate space for studying and writing.

 Meeting space:

The size of the conference table depends on the number of people participating in the meeting. Generally speaking, each attendee will need about 2 to 3 feet of desk width to provide enough space for files and notes.

These suggestions are only a guide; actual needs may vary based on personal habits, special uses and table shapes. Additionally, given that people’s activities at the table may involve movement and activity of their arms, it is also crucial to provide each person with adequate elbow room.

Therefore, the Kazana team recommends that each person have at least 24"-26" of desktop space. Of course, the size of the table must be customized and adjusted according to the size of the space and specific usage needs. The Kazana team will strictly follow your customization needs and execute your ideas. It is our mission to let you have your own art table. 


Table shape considerations


Shape is a crucial factor when choosing a table suitable for seating 8 people. Tables of different shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the transparency of epoxy resin tables adds to the overall sense of space.

Rectangular tables:

Rectangular tables are the most common shape, providing a larger tabletop space suitable for placing food and decorations, making it easier to match the other furniture and layout of the room.In the 8-person seating situation, it is easier for people to communicate face to face.



Round tables:

Round tables provide a more even space without sharp corners, allowing each seat to have a similar level of comfort. It is more conducive to collaboration and interaction among members but a round table that can accommodate 8 people may require more space and is not suitable for small rooms. It may be inconvenient to place items in the center of the table, so guests usually place a beautiful piece of art in the center of the table as a decoration and to utilize the table space.

Kazana Home-Custom-Epoxy-Round-Table-Black-Walnut-RT10_2


Oval tables:

Combines the advantages of rectangular and round tables, providing a large amount of table space and a more even seating distribution. Oval tables are more streamlined in the space, beautiful and unique. A larger room may be required to accommodate its longer shape. It should be noted that both oval tables and round tables need to pay attention to coordination when placing items in the center of the table.




 Space layout and furniture matching


When arranging an 8-seat table, reasonable space layout and furniture matching are key to avoid crowding and create a coordinated overall space.

A tip from the Kazana team here is to leave approximately 36" wide of free space around your table. 36" measured from the edge of the table as shown in the picture.


Make sure there is enough circulation space around the table so people can move around freely without feeling crowded. The width of the passage can be reasonably planned according to the size of the room and the shape of the table. Consider customizing some furniture to make the entire space more personal and in line with the tastes and preferences of the residents. Through reasonable space layout and clever furniture matching, the 8-seat table can be integrated into the room to create a comfortable, warm and beautiful dining or working space. Taking into account practical needs and personal preferences in the selection and arrangement of furniture will make the entire space more attractive and comfortable.




Material and Style Choice: Coordination and Personalization of Epoxy Wood Tables


When it comes to choosing a table material and style, epoxy wood tables are popular for their unique look and feel. Here are some suggestions for choosing an epoxy wood table to ensure it coordinates with the style of the room while introducing color and decorative elements that inspire creativity and personalization.



Advantages of choosing epoxy resin wood table


Natural beauty:

The epoxy resin wood table combines the natural texture of wood with the transparency of epoxy resin, presenting a unique beauty. The wood grain gives the table naturalness and warmth, while the clear epoxy resin adds color to the overall design.


Epoxy resin has excellent durability and can protect the wood surface from scratches and scuffs, extending the life of the table.

Creative design:

Clear epoxy resin gives designers and home decorators more room for creativity. Decorative items such as flowers, stones or other personalized elements can be added to the table to make it more artistic.



 Coordination with room style


Modern style:

Choose an epoxy wood table with simple lines and smooth design, pair it with metal or a bright color to blend it into a contemporary room.

Traditional style:

Choose an epoxy resin wood table with clear wood grain and darker color, and match it with traditional furniture and decorative elements to create a classic and warm atmosphere.

Industrial style:

Choose surfaces with natural wood grain and some unique industrial elements, such as metal legs or details, to make the table echo the industrial-style room.




Suggestions for colors and decorative elements


Neutral color combination:

Consider choosing a neutral color for your epoxy wood table, such as a dark wood grain paired with clear epoxy, and then introduce pops of color through chairs, cushions, or other small accents.

Plants and Flowers:

Placing green plants or flowers on the table not only adds a natural element, but also makes the entire space more vibrant.

Personalized decoration:

Choose personalized decorative elements based on your interests and hobbies. This can be art, a handmade item, or a unique centerpiece that makes the table more personal.




Epoxy table maintenance and cleaning


Epoxy wood tables are highly sought after for their unique design and durability. The choice of environmentally friendly wood and epoxy resin and the focus on the sustainability of the production process make it a model of environmentally friendly furniture. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, using mild detergents, waxing regularly, and avoiding chemicals that can scratch or corrode your table can extend the life of your table. The design of the table not only considers the practicality of seating 8 people, but also emphasizes the importance of personalization and environmental protection. Transparent epoxy resin blends with the natural texture of wood to create a unique aesthetic. Whether used for family dinners, office meetings, or gatherings with friends, such a table adds an artistic atmosphere to the space. By choosing an epoxy wood table, you not only get functional furniture, but you also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.


Customer experience and sharing


Many customers appreciate the versatility and beauty of the Kazana 8-seat table in practical applications. During family dinners, the table provides a spacious and comfortable dining space for relatives and friends, while in office settings, the transparency of the tabletop promotes a more open and free discussion atmosphere. Users emphasize the excellent performance of the epoxy resin wood table in terms of decoration and design, and its unique texture and the transparent effect of the epoxy resin are impressive.

We get a lot of responses like: You built our dream table. There was close communication with us throughout the entire process, especially during the initial design process. We wanted to create a specific (dare I say "picky") set of features in the customization options and he executed them flawlessly. He creates some of our most treasured pieces of furniture and we are delighted to be working with him!




Creativity meets practicality: the epoxy resin wood table is perfect for seating 8 people


In home design, finding the perfect dining table can often be a challenge. However, the advent of epoxy wood tables offers a unique and satisfying solution to this dilemma. Through this article, we summarize the excellent advantages of epoxy resin wood tables for 8-person seating situations.

First and foremost, this table blends functionality and aesthetics, complementing the transparency of epoxy with the natural grain of wood. Its durability and ease of cleaning make it ideal for family dinners, office meetings, and more.

Emphasizing the importance of personalization, each table is a unique work of art. In closing, we encourage our readers to choose epoxy wood tables when creating a unique dining space and look forward to seeing their personalized designs come to life. Make life more artistic and make the dining table the center of communication and creativity. Choose an epoxy wood table to inject innovation and warmth into your space.