Kazanahome | How to Choose Your 'Single Slab'

Kazanahome | How to Choose Your 'Single Slab'

Kazanahome Single Slab Choice

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Adorning living spaces with a 'single slab'' offers warmth and solace amidst the complexities of life. When choosing a 'single slab'' it's common to face a dilemma. We often receive numerous inquiries from customers asking how to select the most suitable 'single slab'.'

Each Slab is a unique existence in the world, as diverse as there are people. At Kazanahome, we've gathered most of the customers' questions and, considering the characteristics of the wood, have provided the following guidance to assist every homeowner in choosing their most suitable 'Single Slab.'

01 Tree Species Selection
Choosing the desired wood species is the first step in selecting a 'single slab'.' This step is crucial as it determines the overall presentation of the 'single slab'' in your home. The grain pattern, color, hardness, and texture of the wood differ based on various wood species. Even within the same wood type, individual differences are significant. Homeowners can make choices based on their home decor style and personal preferences.

Kazanahome's inventory offers a selection of 6 tree species categories with over 500 large planks in stock and over 1000 rough boards in storage, ensuring enough options to meet every customer's needs until you find the perfect 'single slab'.'

02 Wood Color Selection
Through variations in brightness and purity, natural wood colors can display over 40 different shades. Natural wood color can range from high brightness, low purity cream color to low brightness, high purity reddish-brown. Light shades enhance a lively atmosphere, while darker shades evoke a more reserved and deep ambiance.

The color of the tabletop significantly influences the style of the space. Whether the tabletop's color block complements the floor, walls, and other furniture colors is a consideration for homeowners, making the optimal choice without conflicting with style and preferences.

03 Wood Hardness Selection
Softwood, referring to coniferous tree wood with an air-dried density <0.5g/cm³, includes materials from pine, cedar, spruce, cypress, fir, larch, hemlock, bald cypress, juniper, and yew. They often have natural color tones, are easy to maintain, and offer good value, commonly used for children's furniture.

Hardwood refers to fine-textured and hard wood with an air-dried density >0.5g/cm³, mostly derived from deciduous broadleaf trees such as black walnut, white oak, cherry, birch, red oak, hard maple, ash, and boxwood. These woods take centuries to mature, are precious and scarce, often with high hardness, good compression resistance, and are less prone to insect damage or deformation.

Both softwood and hardwood have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it's recommended to align your purchase of a 'single plank' with your specific needs.

04 Wood Grain Selection
Each wood type possesses unique grain characteristics, and even within the same type, the grain patterns vary significantly. Each plank's grain is like the unique DNA of each wood, with patterns such as straight grain, cathedral grain, bird's eye, wave, burl, and more. The tactile experience also differs, ranging from a strong texture to a smooth, delicate sensation when touched.

05 About Natural Tree Features
Each piece of wood originates from nature, showcasing the imprints bestowed by time and natural elements. Wood possesses a certain 'breathability' and 'internal stress,' leading to changes in moisture content, causing cracks and knots over time.

We preserve the original form of the wood, leaving the best designs to time and nature. You can choose a 'single plank' in different states according to your preferences.

06 About the Edge Shape of the 'single slab''
One of the most attractive features of a 'single slab'' is its irregular and natural edge shape. These shapes, uniquely given by nature, authentically represent the rawest state of nature. This feature allows users to feel close to nature in their space.

Alternatively, 'single slab' with straight edges have clean and sharp lines, easily fitting into right-angled spaces, and are easy to maintain. The selection of edge shapes for resin river tables is diverse, allowing customized options, such as outer straight edges combined with inner natural edges or other shapes.

You can customize your 'single slab'' based on personal preferences for natural edges, straight edges, or other designs.

07 Size Selection
The tabletop size depends on your household structure and the available space in the area. A typical one-person usage width is approximately 120×60cm. This size can cater to dining, tea-time, or office use in different spaces.

For a table used by four people, the approximate size it can accommodate is (160200) × (7585) cm. Based on this, you can roughly estimate the size of your tabletop.

For other purposes, whether it's a coffee table, a desk, an office table, or any other type of table, simply choose the size that best fits your space and personal needs.

08 Splicing Craft Selection
Splicing methods vary based on customer requirements, coupled with years of skilled craftsmanship in creating large panels, ensuring that spliced panels are just as good as single panels. Decayed wood offers seamless splicing, resin river splicing, and butterfly joint splicing, catering to different customer needs.

(Note: Large panels with a tree diameter of over 60cm are relatively rare. When the required tabletop width exceeds 60cm, you can opt for spliced panels or resin large panel tables.)

Each panel carries unique grain patterns, having experienced the passage of time, each possessing its own distinctive soul and charm. Combinations of multiple pieces create a collision of diverse souls, resulting in entirely new chemical reactions in the space.

09 Seamless Panel
Seamless paneling includes double, triple, and quadruple paneling, meeting diverse customer size requirements. It provides robust support, remaining crack-free and undamaged, not inferior to single panels.

Resin paneling combines imported epoxy resin with wood, remaining crack-free and durable. Breaking from tradition, it integrates nature into modern homes, transforming the otherwise dull style into a relaxed and natural ambiance.

10 Support Selection
"A Single Slab" only reveals its natural charm when paired with support. We offer a variety of support options for "A Single Slab." Homeowners can select the most visually appealing support based on their house's style and personal preferences. Regardless of the material, all types of supports offer strong, stable support without wobbling.

"A Single Slab" paired with solid wood supports, crafted from imported raw wood, exuding natural and grandiose patterns, finely polished at the edges, complementing the original wooden tabletop, displaying a sense of simplicity and antiquity. Homeowners can personalize according to the purchased "A Single Slab."

"A Single Slab" paired with acrylic table legs enhances the modernity of the entire interior space, ensuring stable support for the large panel. Transparent table legs create an illusion of suspension, allowing the wooden panel to appear unique and lightweight in various spaces.

"A Single Slab" paired with acrylic table legs and ironwork using high-temperature baking and handcrafted welding offers a luxurious touch. When matched with natural wood, it can function as a dining table, office desk, or coffee table, creating an extraordinary, understated luxury space in different functional areas.

11 Spatial Presentation

"In various spaces, 'A Single Slab' presents its unique charm. It blends the warmth of wood with human interaction, creating new temporal memories in space.

The following space pairings are from real customer feedback at Kazanahome:


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, finding a haven for the soul in the warmth of raw wood, indulging in moments of tea.

Enjoying tea and conversation with a few close friends, relaxing and unwinding in the warmth and healing exuded by raw wood, slowing down time.

Gathering as a family around the table, dining and chatting in the warmth emitted by the raw wood, savoring homemade meals and experiencing the warmth of 'home' in a new dining space.

More than just meals, it's about family, friendship, memories, and time. Accompanied by raw wood, recording every moment and story happening here.

Seeking a tranquil and comfortable space for the soul. In a clean and tidy office space, placing a raw wood desk, savoring the simplicity and antiquity of wood, enjoying solitary reading time.