Why Epoxy Resin Tables Are So Expensive and Are They Worth

Why Epoxy Resin Tables Are So Expensive and Are They Worth?

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Epoxy resin has invaded every aspect of our lives with its beauty and high durability, especially tables, an essential part of life. Epoxy resin tables have become popular furniture. However, many people who want to get beautiful epoxy resin tables are discouraged by their high prices.

However, when you consider making an epoxy resin table yourself, you will find that the cost is very expensive. When you understand the advantages and production process of epoxy resin tables, you will realize that they are indeed worth the price! Let's walk into the world of epoxy resin tables together.

  • Advantages of Epoxy Resin Tables
  1. Sturdy and durable: Why are epoxy resin tables so expensive? First of all, you should know that an epoxy resin table can be used for decades or even passed down from generation to generation if used properly. It is very sturdy, wear-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. You only need to wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it new. Compared with traditional wooden tables, it is not easy to scratch or dent, and you don't have to worry about the surface the surface being corroded by water or the surface being hot plates. In contrast, traditional wooden tables require more careful maintenance.
  2. Beautiful and plastic: Who doesn't want to put a beautiful piece of furniture in their home to get the compliments of their friends! Epoxy resin tables are like a beautiful painting, you can design every detail on it, including the wood, epoxy resin color, and put any items you want to put on it, this will be very meaningful!
    Why Epoxy Resin Tables Are So Expensive and Are They Worth
  • Expensive material costs
  1. The main materials of epoxy resin tables are epoxy resin and wood. As we all know, epoxy resin is a high-performance synthetic material with excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so its cost is relatively high. The price of wood has always been very expensive, and the tabletops of epoxy resin tables are often made of high-quality wood that has been screened many times, and the price is naturally not cheap. Not to mention other materials used in the production process.
  2. Although epoxy resin tables are very wear-resistant, they are inevitably scratched during transportation. To ensure that you receive a perfect epoxy resin table, we will provide it with multiple protections. All epoxy resin tables will be packed in plywood crates with a layer of pearl cotton laid on the front and back of the tabletop, a layer of foam as a buffer between the crate and the epoxy tabletop, and finally strong adhesive tape will be posted on the outermost wooden box.
  3. Since each epoxy resin table is unique and cannot be mass-produced, it needs to be strictly controlled by professional craftsmen in each step. The production of epoxy resin takes a long time, from the confirmation of the initial draft to the completion of the final product, it usually takes several months, and each link needs to be carefully crafted, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Complex production process

If you have the idea of making an epoxy resin table yourself, you probably know that making a table is so complicated and requires multiple steps, including wood treatment, epoxy resin mixing, pouring, curing, grinding, and polishing. You can click here to view the detailed production process.Building an epoxy resin table—perfect craftsmanship from design to production

The most complicated part is pouring the epoxy resin. You need to apply a layer of paint before pouring a layer of resin, and then apply the resin. The cycle is repeated 3–5 times, according to the thickness. And each layer of resin needs to be treated with a blowtorch to remove bubbles. Only after it is completely dry can the next step be carried out. This process requires a lot of patience.

  • Are epoxy resin tables worth buying?

It depends on your personal needs and budget. If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and personalized table, and you have the budget, then an epoxy resin table is a good choice. But if you ask someone who is using this table how they feel, he will say without hesitation: It is very worth it! I love it!

In short, the high price of epoxy resin tables is not a gimmick, their value matches their price. It is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that you participate in, and it is absolutely meaningful. Click here to customize a unique epoxy resin table.