Custom Black Walnut Epoxy Table for Denins
Custom Black Walnut Epoxy Table for Denins


Custom Black Walnut Epoxy Table for Denins

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Please select a table size    Seats 12    
Specific size    48x120   
Wood type    Black Walnut    
Edge    Curved Live-edge    
Location of epoxy parts    Irregular Distribution    
Number of table slabs    Two Slabs    
Please select a surface finish    Smooth    
Epoxy color    Black    
Epoxy transparency    Partially Transparent    
Please select a pair of table bases    TL-05    
Table leg model    TL-05 36"    

The table thickness is 2", the leg height is 34", and the overall height is 36".

Your table is relatively long and needs 3 legs to be stable. The standard height of the metal legs we give to customers for free is 28", the thickness of the table is 2", and the overall height is 30". If you need the overall height to be 36", then the height of the legs you need is 34". This height needs to be customized, and the customization fee is $399.
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Table Legs Price:$399
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So after we receive your order, we will arrange for the carpenters in our factory to match the suitable wood for you, we will arrange for a designer to draw a drawing for you and send it to you for confirmation. 
After your confirmation, we will arrange production. 
From the beginning of production, we will regularly send you pictures of the product production process.