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Five Advantages of Live Edge Slabs

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The dining room is the heart of the home, so it is critical to invest in a durable and beautiful table in your house. A live edge slab table allows your whole family gets together to share delicious meals and celebrate holidays and birthdays. Here are five benefits of using live edge slabs in your home.

An Excellent Investment
Made from solid and kiln-dried solid wood, live edge slab tables offer impressive durability that assures you a lifetime of use with the proper care and maintenance. Apart from their long lifespan, they enhance the attraction and appeal of a property, result in a surprising increase in the market value of a home.

A focus Point of Your House
A wide, thick, and single slab table would make a very dominant presence in any room. When friends come as guests at home, there is no doubt that live edge tables would bring you a lot of compliments.

Timeless Design
A live edge table is classic furniture that never goes out of fashion. It greatly improves the whole look of your living space, whether your house has a modern or traditional interior design.

A Natural Gift
The live edge slab retains the original form of the tree it came from. The natural organic curves, layered grain pattern, smooth and lustrous texture bring nature to your living space. Incorporating a live edge slab table gives you the chance to live with the tree.

A Unique Treasure
Every single piece of the living slabs is a unique treasure even if two pieces come from the same tree. The skilled artisans flat, sand and finish each lumber by hand, which helps to create different textures and grain patterns on the surface of the lumber.