Kazanahome live edge dining table, epoxy table

Why Choose Live Edge Tables?

kazana home live edge table

Live edge tables have become more and more popular in recent years. You can find live edge tables almost anywhere. Why these live edge tables are so popular? Not only they are very sturdy, but also they are unique and special elegant.

kazana home live edge table

There is an ineffable elegance to the live edge table. They are masterpieces of nature, and each tree is unique in its texture and detail. Preserving the natural character of the wood without destroying any texture, the irregularity and imperfection of the live edge are the unique features of the live edge table.

All our slab is log cut and kiln dried. Our master craftsmen and carpenters grind every plank and treat every live edge table with care, making it into a furniture that will last a lifetime, be cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

Every raw material we use is a mature tree, almost 100 years old. Recycling sustainably cut wood also optimizes forest resources. In today's synthetic furniture market, we are committed to saving unnecessary resource consumption, reducing the generation of inferior furniture, protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.

kazana home live edge table

If you are looking for a furniture which will become the highlights of your space, a live edge table might be your best choice. Let’s begin your amazing exploration at Kazana Home.