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Tips On Choosing Live Edge Table

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More and more people are advocating the beauty that nature and simple decoration bring us. The natural edge of live edge furniture gives our tables, chairs and stools a unique shape and creativity, giving our rooms an extraordinary quality of elegance. In addition to this, the unique shape and texture of live edge planks is also very attractive. In this blog, we have introduced you some key points about how to choose live edge table for your reference.

  • Measurement

The first thing to do when choosing a live edge table or other furniture is you need to choose the right shape and size. We need to consider the size and location of our room to determine where we will put it and whether it will conflict with other furniture.

  • Choosing the right wood

There’s a variety of lumber available that’s kiln-dried and ready to use.
Harder woods such as black walnut, maple and some exotic woods are better for larger dining, coffee or coffee tables. They are also very resistant to wear and tear.
Softer woods, such as spruce and pine, are great choices for trim, or for shelving or headboards.

  • Different kinds of Live Edge Lumber

Burl round: It is the rarest kind of tree slice, cut from the tree trunk’s large protrusions. Burl is not a part of the trunk, it has a very specific one-of-a-kind pattern which is irregular.
Tree round: Tree round has a nearly circular ring pattern which is a horizontally swan slice of the tree trunk. The shape of the tree round varies with the type and size of the tree. This shape is perfect for making a coffee table.
Tree slab: Tree slab is cut along the length of the tree rather than across its width. It is a long slice of the tree trunk. This shape is perfect for making a long live edge table.

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