Kazanahome live edge dining table, custom epoxy table

Why Choosing Bubinga Wood?

People are usually interested on bubinga for its exotic name, and it is also known by another name, rosewood. It is a hardwood from tropical Africa and is very rare. Among the many wood species, it forms a unique style because of its tall body, beauty and high weight.

Kazanahome live edge dining table, epoxy table

One of the interesting features of this wood is its color. The heartwood is red-brown in color with red and purple veining and with a variety of figure, including: pommele, flamed, waterfall, quilted, mottled, etc. Bubinga has been found to give off a nice smell when cut which is also very tight and hard compared almost all other common wood species, such as oak, walnut wood, hard maple, etc...

Kazanahome live edge dining table, epoxy table

Bubinga is very solid, stable and durable which makes it very suitable to making making luxury furniture such as live edge tables. Not to mention its large size, which provides us with a large area of table slabs. We can use them to make a variety of large slab tables. Bubinga, although very firm in texture, is surprisingly at the same time,is pretty easy to cut and saw because of its high density. It can take shape and fine details without any fuss which makes it a good accent wood. And you will get a surprising result when pair it up with a lighter colored wood.

Kazanahome live edge dining table, epoxy table

Bubinga has always been very popular all the time, because it makes a perfect decoration so easy.

After all, who can refuse such an excellent material, with an elegant and timeless design. Bubinga will be the most eye-catching presence in your family. I’d sure like the opportunity to belly up to this table at the end of the day.

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