These behaviors may cause damage to the epoxy resin table

These behaviors may cause damage to the epoxy resin table

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Epoxy resin tables is famous for its beauty and durability, but some behaviors can still hurt him and even make him unusable as a result. To ensure that your epoxy table is long-lasting and beautiful, there are certain behaviors that you should try to avoid.

These behaviors may cause damage to the epoxy resin table:

  1. Direct exposure to sunlight: epoxy resin is very sensitive to UV rays, and placing an epoxy resin table in direct sunlight for a long period can lead to UV damage, resulting in discoloration and embrittlement. Tables should be placed in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  2. Placing Hot Ite: Placing hot pots, pans, cups, and other hot items directly on an epoxy table can cause heat distortion or burn marks. Heat pads or placemats should be used to protect the tabletop. 
  3. Using Sharp Objects: Using knives, scissors, or other sharp tools on the tabletop may scratch or damage the surface. Cutting items directly on the tabletop should be avoided, and cutting boards or other protective measures can be used.
  4. Exposure to strong chemicals: Although chemicals are not used in daily life, it should not be forgotten that strong acids, bases, or organic solvents can cause corrosion or damage to their surfaces. These chemicals should be avoided on the tabletop and used with extreme care.
  5. Prolonged accumulation of water: Allowing water or other liquids to accumulate on the desktop for a long period may lead to whitening or a loss of luster. Wipe water stains from your desktop and avoid using it in high-humidity environments.
  6. Placing heavy objects: Placing heavy objects on the desktop for a long time will cause the desktop to deform or crack. Avoid placing heavy objects on the desktop.
  7. Rough Cleaning: Using steel wool balls, hard brushes, or cleaners containing abrasives will scratch the tabletop. A soft cloth and mild detergent should be used for cleaning.
  8. Contact with Staining Substances: Staining substances such as red wine, coffee, grease, and other staining substances that come into contact with the tabletop for an extended period may leave behind stains that are difficult to remove. These spills should be cleaned up promptly.
    What behaviors can hurt an epoxy table?

Kazanahome carefully crafts each epoxy table with high-quality wood and epoxy to ensure a beautiful and durable product. Clear or colored epoxy resin fills in cracks and gaps in the wood to create a unique visual effect, as well as creating beautiful and vivid river tables, wave tables, and other pieces. With the help of epoxy, not only does it add a thick layer of protection to the wood, but it also preserves the natural grain of the wood. This makes each table unique because the grain of the wood and the way the resin flows are never the same.

So to retain the long-term beauty and use of your epoxy resin table, please avoid the above behaviors and refer to our article: How to maintain an epoxy resin table?