What happens if water spills on an epoxy table?

What happens if water spills on an epoxy table?

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As an environmentally friendly adhesive, epoxy resin can form a tight, impermeable seal that effectively prevents moisture from penetrating. This makes epoxy resin often used in combination with wood to create a variety of furniture, such as epoxy countertops, epoxy tables, and epoxy benches. This type of furniture not only showcases the natural beauty of wood but is also strong and durable.

Despite epoxy's excellent resistance to water, heat and stains, when water is accidentally spilled on an epoxy table, proper handling measures are still required to ensure the table remains in top condition.

  • Effects over a short period

Epoxy does a great job of filling in the gaps in the wood and preventing moisture from seeping in. When water is accidentally spilled on an epoxy table, the water will stay on the tabletop for a short period of time and form droplets instead of penetrating immediately. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much, simply dry the water quickly with a dry cloth or paper towel, usually leaving no marks or stains.

What happens if water spills on an epoxy table?
  • Effects over a long period 

If you fail to dry the water in time and the water stays on the tabletop for a long time, the water evaporates and may leave water stains or water ring marks on the surface, which may cause the surface to lose its glossiness. In environments with large temperature variations, moisture may penetrate the surface of the epoxy resin, and the process of condensation and evaporation of moisture may result in white spots or clouds of water stains on the surface.

Even worse, if water runs onto areas not protected by epoxy, the exposed wood may swell as it absorbs water, causing the entire table to warp or distort. This will not only affect the appearance of the table but may also affect its functionality and stability.

  • Special Circumstances

When liquids such as coffee, red wine, etc. are accidentally spilled on the surface of an epoxy resin table, prompt cleanup usually does not cause these liquids to seep into the material. However, if not cleaned up for a long period of time, these liquids may stain the surface and affect the aesthetics of the table. 

  • Maintenance and care 

Despite the excellent waterproofing properties of epoxy tables, moisture left on the surface for extended periods may still negatively affect its aesthetics and structure. Timely cleaning and regular maintenance will prevent moisture from negatively affecting your epoxy table, ensuring its long life and aesthetics.

If you encounter any problems with your epoxy table, please feel free to contact kazana. We will develop a customized solution for you to ensure that your epoxy table is always in top condition.