Custom Walnut Sapphire Blue River Epoxy Table CT62
Custom Walnut Sapphire Blue River Epoxy Table CT62
Custom Walnut Sapphire Blue River Epoxy Table CT62


Custom Walnut Sapphire Blue River Epoxy Table CT62

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Custom Walnut Sapphire Blue River Epoxy Table CT62 middle sapphire blue river is made of epoxy resin, which seems to bring the wonders of nature into your home. Unique textures and colors give each table a unique artistic touch. You can customize the color and design of the river to your liking, creating a personalized desktop just for you. Whether it's clear blue, dreamy purple, or vibrant gold, there's something to suit your taste.

The epoxy resin material has super wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Even in daily use, it can remain smooth and clean as new. It is durable and can accompany you to spend every good time.

We offer seven wood types for you to choose from: Black Walnut, Zebrawood, Cunninghamia, Walnut Wood, Poplar Wood, Ash Wood, Olive Wood.

We've priced your favorite size options, but if those sizes don't suit you, you can also fill in your requirements directly at the "Custom Your Own" page, we will contact you as soon as possible. Looking forward to working with you! Our email:

If you want to know how many seats your table size can accommodate, check out the Table Size Guide:

kazanahome dining table size guide

Our resin tables are 1.18" to 1.96" thick, durable, and a work of art. They are easy to clean and all products sent out are handmade. If you share with us the size and features you desire in your epoxy resin table, we can let you know what we can create for you.

After you successfully pay, we will arrange for a designer to draw the drawings for you. After you confirm the drawings, we will arrange production for you. Please refer to the drawings for the shape of the wood and the layout design of the entire table. The resin color on the drawing is not used as a reference. We will customize the resin color according to the resin color you choose.Each customer's drawing design is different,the drawing example is as follows:


From the start to finish of production, you'll be with us every step of the way. We'll send you photos and videos with all the details for your approval, and we'll proceed with production based on the details you approve. So, by participating in the production story of your dining table, you'll get the product you desire, and your table will have more meaning to you.

We will provide a free set of metal table legs that you can choose to add to your order.

This 100% handmade epoxy resin table is customized for the buyer. The product you will own will be unique in the world and will live with you.